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KISS Print Solutions is a Melbourne based Photocopier, Printer and Software supplier. Specialising in Office Print Solution Hardware and Managed Print Solutions, KISS works with hundreds of businesses around Australia to optimise the efficiency of their document workflow – from document creation, to document storage, and everything in-between.

At KISS, everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe every organisation, large or small, should be treated with equal care and attention, and commitment to service.

We do this very simply.  We employ the very best people, offer the very best technologies; combined with the best finance offerings, to provide outstanding customer experiences in every engagement.

KISS Print Solutions – Keeping It Simple

To many Australian businesses, photocopiers and printers often seem to be money-eating machines. There are the acquisition costs – whether you rent, buy or lease a photocopier – followed by ongoing maintenance and operating costs.

So what if we told you we could actually save you money every time you print?

The directors of KISS PS have more than 30 years of combined experience across all industries. Having dealt with the major suppliers of photocopiers in Melbourne and across Australia, we are in a privileged position to have a thorough understanding of the industry landscape.

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Although we believe that there are certainly a number of things that the big corporates do very well, notably providing a strong products and services, they tend to look after their shareholders first, their own staff second and the customer somewhere after that. To us, this puts the customer at risk.

Our business model makes looking after customers the number one priority. We can source products with nearly all overhead costs removed, a cost saving we then pass onto customers. When you rent, buy, or lease a photocopier from Melbourne-based KISS PS, your products will still be serviced directly by the manufacturer, taking advantage of their nationwide infrastructure. However, you will have the security of an account that is managed with the customer at the forefront of mind.

We not only help those who want to rent, buy or lease a photocopier across Melbourne or interstate, but also provide ongoing support, service and maintenance, and managed print services. Call us today or send us an email for more information.

Simple Print Solutions

KISS PS offers exactly what our name indicates – all the services you need to simplify the running of your printers and photocopiers. Melbourne and interstate businesses rely on us for:

Our aim is to offer clients the most sustainable business solutions. This means that when you buy, rent, or lease a photocopier from KISS PS in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane it will last, it will be cost-effective, it will be well maintained and it will actually help in the running of your business.

Streamline Your Workflow

Everybody knows what photocopiers are – even if they sometimes struggle to actually get them working. So what do most businesses have in common? From Perth to Melbourne, businesses need photocopiers because they are much more than paper-handling machines. Organisations need them because they are an important part of the daily workflow, a way of transferring and presenting information internally and externally.

Information is at the heart of every business, so why not make sure you’re handling it efficiently?

Do you know whether your current technology is actually maximising your productivity? Is there a better and/or cheaper way of doing things? By organising an obligation-free print audit, you can get a better understanding of how you could save money and improve efficiency in your office.

Machines That Fit Your Business

In addition to scanning, printing, copying and faxing, modern machines can offer options such as:

  • Scanning to email, folders, FTP, USB and WSD Scanning
  • Printing from USB or wireless laptops
  • Optical character recognition software
  • Banner printing

These options can confuse or seduce you if you are looking at photocopier leasing or purchase, but Melbourne-based KISS PS knows from experience that they often don’t offer value to businesses.

If you want to rent or lease a photocopier with any or all of these features we can certainly provide you with the best machines available , however we want to make sure that you are choosing the right machine for you.

Superior Suppliers

We’ve spent a lot of time in the industry, so we know from experience which manufacturers consistently produce better products and provide better service.

Offering both photocopier leasing and purchase, Melbourne-based KISS PS supplies Konica Minolta machines, as we believe they offer the best value.

And if you want to rent or lease a photocopier from a different supplier, we’re more than happy to do the legwork for you and source competitive quotes.

For advice, equipment management and the best quality photocopiers in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane, call or email KISS PS today.

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