ManagedĀ Print Services

Since each device in the office requires different supplies, software, and is subject to different services contracts, managing the diverse mix of technologies can be a significant drain on time and resources.

Having worked with major photocopier suppliers, we also know that Australian businesses, large and small, can struggle to get service when it’s needed.

KISS was founded as a reaction to just that problem. With KISS’ managed print services, everyone from a Melbourne home office to a major multi-state corporation will receive complete, simple service. No chasing after the right department and no wasting resources that could be better used elsewhere.


What are managed print services?

In essence, it means that we will provide you with one point of contact for any issue you may have with any of your office output devices. We provide print and photocopier solutions in Melbourne and interstate for any company, quickly and with no fuss.

The core elements of a solution could include:

  • Management of equipment information and billing
  • Proactive management of equipment
  • Optimisation of device, services and supplies mix

Before implementing a MPS solution, KISS printer and photocopier suppliers in your state will perform a site assessment. This is simply where we review your current work environment in order to provide appropriate recommendations. Through this process, you will get a better understanding of how you can re-organise and optimise your workflow with the right products, as well as receive an estimate of your potential future savings.

Optimisation through outsourcing

By monitoring the volume and nature of your printing around the office, we can develop long-term print and photocopier solution to suit your business. Other key benefits of MPS include:

  • Reduced administration and procurement requirements
  • Improved workflow and productivity
  • Streamlining of IT processes
  • Better security management

Basically it means that we do what we do best – run your printing devices – so that you and your employees can focus on what they do best. As an example, IT departments spend on average 15 per cent of their time on printing and related issues. Could this time be better spent?

For more information on managed print services and printer and photocopier solutions in Melbourne and around Australia, call or email KISS PS today.