Not only can it be difficult to navigate the reams (pun intended) of information available on machine features when looking to rent, buy or lease a photocopier, Melbourne businesses also face the hassle of sourcing supplier quotations.

Do you need a multifunction device that can copy, print, scan, fax, email and more? Or is that a complete waste of money? How do you compare devices with different features with one another? Could your time be better spent thinking about something other than photocopier leasing versus buying?

Get someone else to do it

KISS can make this process simple for you, sourcing information on photocopier pricing for Melbourne organisations from a range of suppliers – not only those whose products we supply directly.

We’ll do the legwork for you, organising quotes from key market vendors to ensure you get the best possible deal. Because we keep things simple, we don’t add on huge mark-ups, which means that you get some of the best photocopier pricing in Melbourne.

Our combined experience across all of the major vendors helps you avoid some of the common “traps” or “hidden costs” that can make it difficult when you want to lease a photocopier. We know what questions to ask, and how to negotiate to get you the best price.

Get the right solution at the right price

To make photocopier leasing or purchasing easier for Melbourne and nation-wide businesses, we can also organise a range of financing options once you have selected your supplier.

And, of course, engaging us as early in the process as possible – well before you need to rent, buy or lease a photocopier – means that Melbourne and Australian organisations can take advantage of a free, no-obligations assessment of their office and workflow. From there, we can recommend the best products in terms of cost (and, if desired, environmental) savings, fit, security and workflow.

For an easier way to organise photocopier leasing or buying Melbourne and Australia-wide call or email KISS PS. We make sourcing simple.