Having spent a considerable amount of time in the industry, working with businesses large and small across a range of sectors, we have carefully selected to partner with only the best printer and photocopier suppliers. We know that Melbourne businesses (and all Australian businesses, for that matter) can achieve greater efficiencies with quality machines, ultimately saving you money every time you print.

Better brands

The world-leading printer and photocopier suppliers Melbourne-based KISS PS has chosen to partner with offer a wide range of products, from smaller machines for home offices to complex solutions for the largest organisations. Our key suppliers include:

In choosing a Lexmark printer or Konica Minolta photocopier Melbourne businesses get the benefits of BLI and BERTL-award winning innovation and production. Some of the many features available include banner printing, open platform technology and a range of security options.

Not only offering the best products, a new photocopier from these brands is supported by the best after-sales servicing. We can also liaise with a range of photocopier suppliers for Melbourne businesses, ensuring that you receive the best deal on the machine you want.

Helping you Choose

When it comes time to buy a new photocopier, many Melbourne businesses struggle with the sheer volume of information about available options. KISS can help you navigate through this information, telling you in plain terms what technological features and service options you’ll need, and helping you select the right machine at the best price.

Don’t know where to start? Organise a no-obligations, freeĀ print audit . When selecting a new photocopier, Melbourne businesses rarely stop to consider the efficiencies that can be achieved with a better-suited model. We can analyse:

  • Toner costs and other hidden ongoing costs
  • Cost per item printed
  • Risks (for example, of items getting lost)
  • Movement of information around the office
  • The appropriate size and fit of machines for your space

Buying and installing the right machine can save you up to 40 per cent of your current printing costs.

We have a range of different Photocopier products to suit all of your business printing needs including:

Colour Office A3 Multi-function Devices

Mono Office A3 Multi-Function Devices

Colour Office A4 Multi-Function Devices

Mono Office A4 Multi-Function Devices

Mono Office A4 Printers

Colour Production Devices

Mono Production Devices

3D Printers

For more information about Konica Minolta photocopier, or Lexmark or HP desktop printers, Melbourne businesses can call or email KISS PS today.