KISS Print Solutions¬†isn’t merely in the business of selling photocopiers. We’re interested in providing photocopier solutions for Melbourne businesses large and small.

What does that mean? It means that we meet you at your workplace and talk to you about what you need. We look at what parts of your printing workflow aren’t optimised and what you can realistically achieve with new equipment. KISS Print Solutions’ photocopier solutions are about providing you with the right equipment for your situation.

If you just want to lease a photocopier, Melbourne’s KISS PS can provide competitive quotes, but if you want a more thought-out approach and long-term support, we can help with that too.

Product support

We want to make sure that when you rent, buy or lease a photocopier, whether you are a Melbourne business or from further afield, that you’re guaranteed to receive the best servicing support available.

That is why we have selected to partner with suppliers of photocopiers who have, in our extensive experience in the industry, proven themselves not only as leading manufacturers but also as leading service providers.

For service, support and advice on your photocopiers, you can contact your manufacturer and be assured that you will receive quality service.

Sales support

For any other sales enquiries, you can call KISS PS and speak directly to the person you need.

You don’t need to chase down different departments to get the right advice.

You don’t have to lodge any forms just to get the chance to get in a queue to speak to someone

Just call us (or if you prefer, email) and we’ll sort it out. Simple.

So if you want to speak to someone who wants to provide you with photocopier solutions, call Melbourne’s KISS PS or send us an email today.