Multi-Touch HDi Screens

Industry leading technology to optimise your office workflow

Are you looking for a comprehensive audio and visual solution for your office, boardroom, or classroom? Whether it’s for daily meetings or special presentations, the multi-touch HDi screens from KISS are perfect for your needs.

KISS Print Solutions partners with small businesses, large corporations, and the education, design and real estate sectors to provide tailored solutions that suit their needs. Our team also works with a wide range of other clients, so contact us today to discuss our range of multi-touch HDi screens. Australian made and owned, you can’t go wrong with the touchscreens in our range.

Recent Awards

2019 Production Printer PRO Award
2018 Production PRO Picks Award
HDI Edge
  • Incorporate 20 points of touch with the slimmest IR screen on the market
  • Available in a range of sizes between 55” and 86”
HDI Ultra
  • Experience stunning leading-edge visual performance with the HDi Ultra 4K series commercial grade multi-touch systems
  • Available in 98” and 105” sizes
  • The PRO series incorporates bonded capacitive touch technology for a seamless experience.
  • 60 touch points, 4K native resolution, Zero air gap between glass and display.
  • Available in 65” – 75” – 85”
Mobi - Fixed height trolley

  • High quality steel construction, tough and rugged.
  • Integrated rear laptop/notebook shelf.
  • Wide range of VESA mounts.
  • In-built power board.
Mobi Premium (REG, MID, LARGE) - Electric height-adjustable trolley
  • Low noise electric actuators with safety controllers.
  • Integrated rear laptop/notebook shelf.
  • Wide range of VESA mounts.
  • In-built power board.
Mobi Elite Plus - Tilt-2-Table

  • Can be used as collaborative table at multiple heights.
  • Low noise electric actuators with safety controllers.
  • Integrated rear laptop/notebook shelf.
  • Wide range of VESA mounts.
  • In-built power board.


Real Estate


Small Business Enterprise

Multinational Corporations

The Place to Buy Multi-Touch HDi Screens in Melbourne & Beyond

When you partner with KISS Print Solutions, you get more than just cutting-edge HDi touch screens. Our multi-touch screens all come with free onsite demonstrations, installation services, staff training, and ongoing technical support.

As well as this, we are proud to provide specially designed mobile trolleys that make moving your screen safe and easy. Whether you’re moving from office to office, classroom to classroom, or in between meeting rooms, our mobility solutions are perfect for the job.

You can lease or buy multi-touch HDi screens with fixed height trolleys, electric height adjustable trolleys, and tilt trolleys, which can transform your display into a collaborative touchscreen work table that your team can gather around.

How it works..


Through emails, phone calls and a site visit, our experienced team will examine the print environment of your business. We will develop a genuine understanding of your needs and goals, while keeping an eye out for excessive costs you might be paying currently.


Based on our thorough review of your printing situation, we will recommend a tailored solution aimed at saving you between 20% and 50% on existing costs.


With our expert technicians overseeing the installation process on site, business will experience a quick transition without interruption to your day-to-day.


Once your KISS Print environment is set up, our Melbourne-based support team will ensure your operation runs without a hitch. From pre-emptive toner deliveries to same-day technical support, you will be guaranteed the best support in the industry.

Explore Our Online Range of HDi Edge, HDI Ultra, and HDi Pro Screens

You will always get the multi-touch HDi screens that suit your needs when you partner with KISS Print Solutions. We offer the HDi Edge, the HDi Ultra, and the HDi Pro. Starting with the Edge, each of these screens offers you a seamless and engaging experience. The Ultra and Pro offer increasingly impressive features that are perfect for the most advanced users.

To discuss supply, installation, training and support services for multi-touch HDi screens, contact KISS Print Solutions online or call us today.



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